Mothers Day Treat

Hiya to my wonderful viewers, as you all know I am a working mum and I love it, I work from home, travel all around and do all this working around my precious little man and most important muse. To celebrate a national event we decided to do mothers day in style.

  1. I got to stay in bed past 7am
  2. I didn’t have to do anything
  3. I had dinner cooked for me
  4. Baby dressed for me
  5. we went to the park and we loved it
  6. I got to take my camera
  7. we played, we ran, Caleb found amazing sticks (he loves sticks Obsession at the moment)
  8. I had a candle lit bath ran for me.
  9. I relaxed and didn’t have to put baby to bed
  10. I had an early night and got to watch what I wanted.

Mothers day rocked, wish every other day was like this or at least once a month I’d feel amazing right?

While relaxing in the bath (which I only get to do every other month) I really thought about what I got and where I have come in the last couple of months and this post is a massive thanks to my wonderful family, amazing friends and you fantastic fan base and customers. I am truly blessed you to have all there standing behind me 100%. Ill never forget what you have done and what you will do to continue to help me grow this business.

After a great day on Sunday I couldn’t help but also drop a photo

DSC_0382 copy

Until next time


Cathrine Jayne



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