Pinktastic Bella

DSC_0797 copy1

Id like to introduce you to this bubbly, adorable, cute, funny and so sweet little Isabella, when her and her family arrived this little princess was fast asleep, and for anyone to be woken up and woken up in a strange place you’d kick off right or at least put up a fight, nope not this little bundle of joy first thing she wanted to do was give me a big hug. Now I’ve never met bella before but she just fitted right in, she’s the kind of baby that could put a smile on anyones face.

A couple of weeks ago her nan contacted me wanting a surprise cake smash shoot, she had it all planned. She thought she was so kunning and smart until she crumbled and brought Bellas mother along for the shoot and believe me her mother came prepared, I believe she brought her whole wardrobe. it made my day! with the cake smash you get three outfit changes, the normal shoot, cake smash and splash shoot, but i’d happily add in more outfits to one set if you couldn’t decide and everything little bella wore just flowed. Plus I’m a sucker for headbands.

DSC_0302 copy1

This shoot was amazing it ran so smoothly from beginning to end, bella was amazing in front of the camera such a born natural. she was an absolute pleasure to have in the studio and her reactions to the mess on her hands has me smiling today. It normally takes me a few days to fully edit a set of photos but I had so much fun editing these I honestly can’t wait for them to receive their USB loaded with fun and bubble images of this precious baby girl.

DSC_0324 copy1

Until next time


Cathrine Jayne



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