Bubble Trouble


This is the gorgeous louie he’s 19 months old and i’ve got to say such a little character, about a week ago his grandfather messaged me after seeing the cake smash offer and was interested in having the Splash scene only, I offered him the two sets, plus USB for £35 and he jumped at the chance. I found out on the day that he had been looking for this similar shoot for some time because Louies mother had one done when she was little and he was after something similar to one compare the both and also have the two contrast images on display.

The shoot started out great, he was friendly, confident, running around, playing he was an absolute delight, he’d toy with my emotions a lot by turning his back and smiling, beaming from ear to ear. he turn back to the camera with little cheeky smile, he really did know what he was doing. between the chasing the bubbles to throwing the balls he was having a great time, and so did we all.

Once the first shoot was over his Mam Amy decided to strip him off, and I got the bath ready. we’d already got him to sit in it and he fitted perfect everything was going to plan. The bath was run the scene was set, but little louie wasn’t having none of it. He refused to sit down and he was getting camera shy, I couldn’t believe it. We were all devastated. After calming him down we managed to sit him next to the bath and get some lovely shots in. Although it wasn’t exactly what they were after we did manage to work with what we could and get something similar and surprisingly they looked absolutely fabulous.

Towards the end of the shoot, my little man decided to make an appearance and louie took to him like they’d been friends for a life time, he was so sweet, so friendly towards Caleb it was amazing to watch. Ive loved having louie in the studio and his mam and bamp were such a delight, we had great fun, great stress and unbelievable Images.

What more could we have asked for.


Until next time.


Cathrine Jayne



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