Meeting Baby Ethan


Id like to introduce you to this beautiful family, Mother, father and their gorgeous son Ethan, this stunning little man was born a month early although he came out a very health 6 pound weight he sadly had to spend a whole week in a baby unit but came out fighting strong with I must say unbelievable lungs.

We booked the shoot in for the 4th of March and we were all very excited to see the finishing product. when they arrived Ethan looked so cute and so piece full, until he got in front of the camera that was, then he weren’t having none of it. Katie his mam had told me he was suffering with an upset tummy and wasn’t feeling himself and sadly it showed is most photos.

We managed to get a few peaceful shots in between the dummy and feeds, but unfortunately we had a lot of pictures with him very unsettled. although I don’t think he liked my studio very much, he is extremely photogenic. He looks amazing in front of the camera and this little man has made me so broody. he was a delight to have in front of my lens and it was a pleasure meeting his amazing parents.


Due to the circumstances and a very unsettled baby, we didn’t manage to get all the shots we needed to complete the shoot they were after, its understandable being a mam myself, new place, very unsettled baby it can be difficult to remember my name; let alone what I wanted to do that day so being me I have offered them all a mini reshoot, just get everything they were after.

This business means a lot me and my customers mean a lot to me, it isn’t about making money its about giving people the memories, the support and my very best work and if it means taking my time and offering a reshoot because a day was unpredictable then I will 100% honour that. I really enjoyed shooting this family, and katie has really made my days from our chats on social media to spending those short hours shooting this beautiful little man, I honestly couldn’t wouldn’t question having them in my studio again.

More from this wonderful family coming soon. Watch this space. 

Until Next time.


Cathrine Jayne




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