Flower Power


Id like to introduce you to this lovely lady Maya, a beautiful little princess and a little madam to match, I’ve known Maya’s mum Megan for awhile but we hadn’t really seen each other for some years but when I started this business; I put up an add offering free photos and she jumped to the chance. I’m glad she did, I got to catch up and finally meet this lovely lady.

When I opened the door she was so shy bless her and she point blank refused any photos we could offer her. She was more interested in watching paw patrol and blaze than she was standing in front of the camera, typical toddler behaviour. Unfortunately I was unable to get a sitter that day and Caleb came to the rescue, where ever I placed caleb Maya would follow very beneficial for me and her mam.

Although she was a bit of grump, a little shy. She was a blessing in front of the camera, it was great fun meeting her and seeing her mam, she’s welcome in my studio any day. she’s so adorable and loved every minute from planning, taking and editing these images.


Until next time


Cathrine Jayne




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