Cake Smash Surprise


To celebrate my sons first birthday I decided to try something very popular I’m sure you’ve all heard about a Cake Smash Shoot, how people love them for their little ones and how much fun they are.

This is a new style for me, from the different outfit changes, to the important aspects of each shot, it was probably the most challenging but the most exciting. It was so fun to do and watch, I dont think we laughed this much in a long while.


The first shoot was him dressed in normal clothes using the one lettering for this to express his age, he was throwing the lettering around, giggling away. loved every bit of it.


For his second shoot, we placed him infront of his cake, he was so funny sticking his finger in there one at a time so innocent like he didnt want to make a mess, we encouraged him smash the cake up, he found it so funny, to end the shoot we placed him on top of the cake which gave me so fantastic shots and it looked amazing through my lens.


For the last shoot, we decided to place him in the bath this gave me the chance to have fun with the camera, all he did was splash and laugh and try and catch bubbles with his month. I think he was more excited about the fact he could have a bath in the living room than he was about me taking the pictures. The perfect way to tidy up all that cake.

All in all I can now understand why people have these shoots done, he laughed so much, and he was so well behaved whenever we try to take pictures of him, hes normally a nightmare trying to escape off the studio and trys to climb up the lights but this time he stayed there and just played, which give me amazing images to show my family and friends and you guys of course.

Until next time


Cathrine Jayne



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