Meeting Baby Kodie


I’d like to introduce you Kodie Peter Iveson, a gorgeous 3 week old, with his stunning tinted green eyes a smile to die for and personality that is slowly starting to shine through.  He was amazing in front of the camera.

Kodie was born on the 9th of January 2016 although he won’t be three weeks while your reading this his first photo shoot was taken then, he was as good as gold, so peaceful and loving how could you not fall in love with him.

A few days before he was born I had the pleasure of snapping his mam and dad in a fabulous maternity Bump shoot. They absolutely loved the images I did they came back to me to shoot his first shoot.

Kodie’s Birth Story

Demi was rushed into hospital on the 8th of January she has been leaking for a few days and they wanted to exam her. she arrived at the hospital thinking it was a routine check up and then we all received the news that she was being induced.

They induced her that night and labour came thick and thin, as she has been up all night and her screams were scaring the other ladies on the ward they offered her the pethidine, which helped her sleep, around 6 o’clock she woke up in a lot of pain, when they checked her over she was in utter shock when they told her she was 8cm and ready to go to the labour ward.

During the birth she wanted to beat everyone up, we laugh about it now but 45 minutes later little kodie was born and she just fell in love, being a mum myself I can understand the nerves and love you get when giving birth and she has been a fantastic mum since, as if she was born for this.



These photos are absolutely stunning it shows you everything you need and want after a baby, the happiness already in this little mans heart just shows what real family is, the love the proud parents shows comes up in these photos. Amazing family photos.

Until next time


Cathrine Jayne



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