Engagement Dreams

Since being a little girl, I always knew that I wanted to grow up doing something I loved, but I never knew then what I know now. That dreams Can happen. Ive always done what I wanted and I’ve always beat the odds. I have had a passion for photography for sometime but never had the confidence to grow such an amazing business but over the last few weeks I have made my dreams come true and it all comes as a big thanks to this wonderful couple that this post is about.

A few weeks ago, I had done a shoot for Demi and Connor the feedback from the pictures brought me to this wonderful couple Zoe and Mark, they loved the pictures I had done so wanted me to shoot their wedding, but before deciding they asked for an engagement shoot. On Friday the 27th of January I met them at our local Park, we had so much fun, they never stopped laughing and it shows in the pictures. After the shoot I edited my Teaser bundle and sent over a few photos they loved them and so did everyone else. They had amazing feedback and likes over social media I had a Huge response, My Mails became loaded with questions about what I could do for other people. It’s so overwhelming of what I have achieved since.

Zoe and Marks Engagement Story

Zoe had been unlucky in love for sometime, to the point she was giving up on love. On one unusual night a friend had dragged her down to the ship Pub a local she wasn’t very fond of, in fact hated the place and she had put up a fight that night not to go but it was the night her whole life changed.

On this particular night she met the love of her life Mark, Zoe playing hard to get, Mark Plucked up the Will to approach, they ended up talking all night. There Lust grew as they texted each other every minute of every day until Zoe made the first move and asked him over for dinner from then on they became inseparable.

Over time they talked about getting married and Zoe and Mark picked out a ring together, When Mark knew it was the right time he asked Zoe’s father for permission in a very traditional way.

On Christmas Eve of 2016 he got down on one knee and asked Zoe to marry him she couldn’t be happier and didn’t hesitate to say Yes, they have been planning the wedding ever since.

Date Booked for April 8th 2017 and they have asked me to cover the wedding.


[I never thought i would ever meet anyone and i was in a good place then i met mark and im in an even better place he really is the love of my life and always makes me smile – Zoe]



The love they feel for each other, is extremely expressed through my lens, they made my day it was a true pleasure shooting these two. I can now honestly say I know what true love looks like.

For More of Zoe and Marks Story Stay Tuned, Wedding Photos scheduled for April 2017

Until next time


Cathrine Jayne



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