Cefn Mably Farm Park

Ladies and gents, photographers and precious mums,

Id like to introduce you to a place you will absolutely love, A small little farm out side of the cardiff area called Cefn Mably Farm Park.


Our story

on the 24th of January 2016, we decided we wanted to take a small trip with our boy for his first birthday, we were undecided on where to go until one of our mates told us about this small farm, she had seen pictures of the place on social media and said that Caleb will love it. We had never heard of the place before and took the risk because everywhere we did want to go; was closed. We arrived at the place and our exceptions were answered it looked amazing and unbelievable cute from the outside and we could tell that we would love it.

We got inside sat down to some lunch and then started to walk around the park, they had horses, ponies, sheep, goats, pigs, ducks and anything else you could think of. The place was amazing. we had fun in the park, riding the trackers and the play area there was suited  to all ages and with £4 entry you’d be silly not to.


The park is designed for families with toddlers to teens. The fun begins as you enter the soft play barn where children can let off steam whilst parents relax with a coffee and a slice of home made cake. Once the kids are worn out from feeding the animals and playing on the go-karts and real diggers, you can visit our farm shop and butchery to pick up a good old fashioned 28 day matured steak for your tea and some home made smoky bacon for your breakfast! [from the website]

Cefn Mably Farm Park : Website

If you’re ever stuck on what to do defiantly take this place on board

Until next time


Cathrine Jayne



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