Happy Birthday to you.

Morning readers,

I’d like to personally invite you all to my Son’s first birthday party, I can’t believe I am writing this post, my baby boy is now the big ONE. I’d first like to thank everyone for coming, and for all the amazing gifts, money and cards that he received on this special day. We decided as Caleb’s birthday was on a Tuesday we would throw his party on the Saturday before, 21st of January. we planned a themed Paw Patrol Party as he is a massive fan of them curious pups and he absolutely loved every minute of it.

We invited all our close family and friends, and decided to throw the party at home. We removed all the big furniture out of our living room and hired Full of bounce; soft play and Sian’s Mascots to come along and join in with the fun.

As I am still starting out in photography, and practicing all that I can with shots of my little boy, I took the opportunity to use his party to practise events photography.

The party started at 2 but I had hired the Soft play from 12-6 they arrived on time (early in fact), the Basic Soft play cost me £40 and included a large ball bit, soft large shapes and tunnel for all the kids fun and games, they absolutely loved it, it was large enough for a small space but not so big we were all cramped. ideal for a house party but would advise to upgrade if hiring a space out. I was able to pay for this over time as long as it was paid in full on the day of the party. I would highly recommend this company to anyone planning a children’s party in and around the pontypridd area. When the children arrived, they were able to play  and eat when they wanted. I had hired Sian’s Mascots, for 3-3.30, this cost me £55, which included two paw patrol characters, a card and gift. The characters got involved with the children, encouraging them to play, they were friendly and happy to get involved, took pictures, and sang happy birthday to my little boy. This company is reasonably priced, highly recommended on their entertainment and family friendly customer services.

The pictures below does not do this party any justice

16142720_10158212755975624_9010386273331309821_nCaleb Tahlia and jayden+1.jpgcaleb-2img_086816195669_10158220596455624_2033457458935824905_n

Although the room was packed and I know next time I plan a kids party, I will be hiring a space out but as I thought Caleb was only one not many people would attend the party, we had a fantastic turn out and I’m extremely grateful for everyone who came and made my little boys day as special as it could have been.

When shooting an event such as this, you have to respect someones space, gaining permission to use the images online and to evaluate when something goes wrong, you have to consider the health and safety risks to you’re self and potential clients and always put the person having their photo taken first. I learnt a lot by doing this event.


Sians Mascots –  Facebook Page, for more information.

Full of Bounce –  Their website, for more information.

Until next time


Cathrine Jayne



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