Maternity Glow

Hi everyone, Guess what!

I had my first customer photoshoot on the 6th of January and it turned out amazing. A dear friend of mine is 9 months pregnant (A massive Congratulations to her and her partner) and she’s been wanting a maternity Bump shoot for sometime, she had been let down in the past and as her due date was only two days away she asked me, thats right little old me to help her out.

Although my confidence was growing, I was still very nervous, she wanted nice pictures to go with her all ready set up photo frames and a lot was counting on me. basically as you could imagine I was a ball of nerves.

I set my studio up with a black back drop to create an intense atmosphere, and set the surrounding with soft lighting. I had everything ready for when they arrived.

About the bump in question.

My friend Demi and her partner Connor fell pregnant pretty much straight after they met, during the pregnancy they grew closer, and just fell head of heels in love. I have watched their relationship grow, their love expand and personalities change all for the joy of the little bundle growing inside of her. They moved home, found out they were having a boy and everything throughout pregnancy was amazing. They have become dear friends of mine and god parents to my son. I wish them all the best in their future together and as a family.

How the shoot went.

The shoot went really well, we had great fun. I learnt a lot through the settings, lighting and style they wanted to achieve and how to deal with a father to be who just wanted to play on the XBOX (knew I should of hid it)

These were just a couple of the shots that we did and probably the most favourite, they show the love between them and enjoyment of the new addition to the family.


These are the images that I am in love with, her bump was so round and perfect in every way, The photo with the blue ribbon was edited as the only ribbon we had was red and I think it turned out half bad.

I am so happy with the shoot and they are to, to the point they want me to do baby shoots and family shoots of them all together. WIN WIN

I hope you enjoyed meeting Demi and Connor, to follow their Story stay tuned.

Until next time


Cathrine Jayne



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