Get Up And Keep On Moving


So on this very cold Sunday day me and my boys decided to take a family day trip to our local park, it started out well; we got up, got fed, got ready and started our journey into the cold. Everything was packed, dreams started.

As a family we don’t get to do much, my partner is always working and any little time we do have is normally spent cwtched up watching a film, eating munch and playing new games with the baby, but we decided on this particular day the sun was on our side we decided to tackle the world outside..

I had my boys, my pup and my camera what could go wrong?

I got my camera out, forgot my battery, yep thats right the first time since getting my bad boy I forget the most vital thing in order to shoot some amazing shots, couldn’t believe it.

My partner decided he’d be a saint and go back and get it, me being brave stayed on my own with the baby, for anyone who knows me would know that Since having Caleb I don’t leave the house as much not because I want to but because of fear and anxiety a lot of people get it having a baby but mine has seemed to grow as my child grows older. While we waited I tackled the park WORST MISTAKE after trying to get caleb in the swing and almost dropping him on his head as he flings back, I get the evil stares off strangers, my confident declines and I retreat into the wild almost brought to tears. Ieuan joins me, reassuring me and tells me to get up and keep on moving; honestly don’t know what I’d do without him.

The reason why I wanted to blog about photography was to encourage mums like me to follow their dreams, for people who may not be great at something practice and never give up, another reason was to allow me to see my progression within the industry that I longed to be apart of and to show my art to you wonderful people. I took a massive step today and I will continue to everyday to get where I want to be.

And the photos below as well as the stunning photo above is the reason why I will not give up on my dream while I will continue to Get Up And Keep On Moving.


For anyone who maybe suffering from Anxiety and depression after birth, please know you are not alone, the love and support from friends and family are the main aims on the road to you’re recovery. If I can change my will, my power and aim to improve my worth you can to, Feel free to message me, Id love to hear you’re stories and give my support where needed. 

Until next time


Cathrine Jayne



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