Playing with depth of field

Oh Hi,

Glad to see my last post hasn’t put you off.

Ive talked a lot about my little boy if you hadn’t already guessed he keeps me on my toes, he became the reason for my passion and my reasoning for questioning that passion. Due to my last attempt I decided to just take my camera out and shoot and it didn’t actually turn out half bad.

During a lazy Sunday morning I decided to just point my lens at my little boy playing, I grabbed all his christmas presents and just let him play. These photos are a true reflection of his ever so growing personality. The Cheeky Chappy that he is.


Although looking at these photos I still need practice, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel which is always a big bonus. I used my lens and design to create such a depth of field between baby and background. I absolutely love them.

Please feel free to give feedback

Thanks for reading

Until Next time


Cathrine Jayne



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