Photography Vs Ability

After receiving my amazing christmas gifts, I couldn’t wait to get it set up and see what I could do. Using the skills that I gained within my degree I set up my amateur studio and couldn’t wait to get shooting my now favourite muse; My little boy Caleb.

During this time I still had a house full, my living room was turned upside down, toys everywhere, a chocolate explosion and a very unwanted table smack bang in the middle of an already crowd sitting room and if that wasn’t all, I was dealing with a stroppy, unsettled, excited 11 month old. So you can imagine my sorrow when faced with the back lash of unsatisfied imagines.

I set the studio up in an area I was not able to express my goals crunched under a table with a child which would not stay still and an over excited dog but as they are my first using my equipment I will show you as it can only get better from here right?


Id like to introduce you to my little beast CoCo, probably the most precious, kindest dog you’ll ever meet and very camera friendly. 


This is Caleb my Son, my best friend, my true love and muse. Even if he isn’t most camera friendly these days 


Although the images didn’t come out the way I wanted and the backdrop is probably not helping, these are truly a reflection of the love I have for these two. 

My first shoot, taught me practice makes all the difference although I feel these images are not my intention of what I want to portray they are a reflection of being over confident when I was clearly out of sought.

But don’t worry they do improve

Until next time


Cathrine Jayne




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