The Simple Life

Ever wondered what it was like to win the lottery, to gain happiness beyond belief, to experience a world of true enjoyment and the relaxation of experpracticeience.. Me to

Id like to welcome you all to the simple life of a photographers journey into the world through a lens. But firstly before I embark on this journey with you I feel its my duty to explain why, how and who is taking you into this world.

My name is Cathrine I’m a 25 year old mother of a one year old and live in a pleasant home with my partner and child. I finished my BA Honours Degree in Television production which was based in London in 2015 and been preparing and raising my child ever since within my home town of Pontypridd, Wales.

So why Photography you may ask,

I have always enjoyed photography; and after doing a module of it in college, it became something I was drawn to; 2013 I bought my first camera a Canon 600d and fell head of heels in the love with the art. In 2016 my child was born and as every new parent I found myself behind the lens more so than in front of it; My selfies became less and this new unspeakable passion was then born.

Christmas the start of new Adventures,

Christmas 2016 along with my first mum ring, I received the most precious gift I could of ever asked for a brand spanking new Nikon D3400 and an amateur Studio set up and everything fell into place, hence why I am currently sat Blogging while watching my son sleep through his video monitor and my partner enjoying his new Xbox one curtsy of me and his dear little boy. It’s been a dream of mine to introduce my art to the world and I can finally do so.

I aim to take you on this journey, to let you experience my down falls, my ups, my talents and my goals. To show you where I am and what I will become.

All I want from you as a my reader is Guidance and support. So I canย finally experience the Simple life of a photographer.

Who needs the lottery when I have you.

Until next time,


Cathrine Jayne


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